An ecosystem that brings doctors, pharmacies, labs and insurance providers together to deliver a seamless and delightful outpatient experience.


Outpatients in India are under-served by existing private insurance providers. Even when they are covered, patients do not utilize all the benefits available to them because of lack of awareness.


All stakeholders want the freedom to choose solutions that they believe are in their best interest.


Svaas, a consumer-facing app, which gives patients access to an Outpatient Department (OPD) insurance platform that offers them unlimited and high-quality OPD healthcare services under one insurance plan.

People who don’t need to get admitted for treatment also need insurance.

In India, health insurance providers and consumers focus on big-ticket items like coverage for critical illnesses, emergency admissions and treatments that require getting admitted to the hospital.

OPD treatment, however, is not covered by most policies. Even when coverage is available, it is complicated and partial. So, patients end up missing out on pay-outs and benefits, which in turn leads to inconsistent self-care practices and arbitrary policy pricing.

What was needed was an insurance framework that would cover an OPD patient all through the treatment journey - from diagnosis, to purchase of medicines, to testing, to adherence and monitoring.



Our goal was to create an insurance service and platform with features that would help OPD patients and be beneficial to doctors, pharmacies and labs.

The first step in the process was to understand from each of the stakeholders, their expectations from an OPD insurance service. Our research team conducted in-depth studies across the country to discover the need-gaps and problems faced by OPD patients.

The team also spoke to healthcare providers (HCP) to identify the rights and benefits they expect from such a service, and what would make it easier for them to integrate their services into the platform.

After 7 months of research, the team identified multiple pain points and opportunities.

Discovering insights


Our researchers discovered a common demand from all the stakeholders: freedom of choice.

Patients wanted the freedom to choose their preferred doctors, labs and pharmacies.

Doctors wanted the freedom to prescribe the right treatment and medicine without being pressured by commercial interests.
Diagnostic labs and pharmacies wanted the freedom to operate the way they are used to working, while adhering to the high-quality services demanded by their Service Level Agreements.

Charting the path from hassle to harmony

Designed to delight

User Experience

The design for Svaas had to be extremely agile. The OPD business model dictates a B2B2C framework, so Svaas was built to accommodate new business contracts on an ongoing basis. Backend customer support systems were also baked into the application to help patients, doctors, labs and pharmacies troubleshoot their concerns. Since it is also a consumer-facing app, variants were created to accommodate new customers and their specific user journeys.

Brand identity system

The identity system had to convey the idea ‘healthcare that fits you’ and drew its inspiration from the guiding light – the north star. The logo captures how all the different services available on the platform work together in harmony to make the user experience ‘Delightfully Simple’. The communication language and colours for each system were also defined to convey the sense of seamless service.

friction points


Actual patients, doctors, pharmacists and lab operators tested our prototypes to help us identify usability issues in the Svaas platform.


The team addressed accessibility issues by designing larger touch targets, using clearer typography, and simplifying predictive interfaces.

They reduced the time taken to onboard a patient, and simplified the user journey to help users achieve their end goals with speed and accuracy.

The app now provides transparent and clear instructions of how a policy will be utilised, to help patients trust the product and service more.

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