Studio 5b

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories was set up in the early 80s with a clear vision: bring new molecules into the country at a price the common man can afford. Dr. Anji Reddy believed that if medicines had to serve their purpose, they had to be accessible and affordable.

By 2015, the company realised that to stay true to its vision, it had to evolve beyond an organisation dedicated to developing new pharmaceutical drugs. The future of healthcare was beyond-the-pill.

Dr. Reddy’s became an incubator for a small team of researchers, designers and thinkers. Their goal was to transform the company into an organisation that applies the principles of Design Thinking to every aspect of the customer’s healthcare experience.

This bold step into the future was called Studio 5b. Today, it is home to some of the sharpest minds in the field of design, behavioural science, experience design, and research. Their goal: to take healthcare into the future, while keeping the needs of the patient at the heart of every solution.

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Working for each other is what makes us work.

What gives us joy is solving the everyday problems that people face in their journey towards good health. What helps us in this endeavour is our commitment to respecting everyone, valuing their skills and working together as a team.

We believe we can only succeed in our goal if we are empathetic to the needs of our patients, partners and co-workers, agile in our thinking, constantly evolving to tackle every challenge, upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency, and staying true to our promise of solving the unmet needs of our patients.

These shared set of values is what makes us who we are and the best in the world at what we do.

Solving the problem
is not the task.

We don’t immediately jump to solving the problem. Design Thinking asks you to spend time understanding the root cause of the issue. Then it forces you to consider the wide range of potential solutions. It requires you to prototype and iterate till you have an answer that makes the user’s life better. The goal is to not just arrive at a solution. But to have a solution that is desirable for the user, feasible technologically and viable economically.

We have an ear for problems. And minds that love to solve them.


Within our doors you will find a team of talented people tinkering with ideas that will transform pain points into moments of joy. If you insisted on applying labels, they would call themselves creative thinkers, insight explorers, strategic experts, or experience designers. Their infectious energy coupled with an environment that nurtures teamwork and efficiency, helps us create people-centric healthcare experiences that lead to healthy, happy lives.

Strategy led by design uses a growth mindset to build business value that is influenced by strong insights based in research.
Applies Design Principles, Sensorial Concepts and Iterative Prototyping to transform blue-sky thinking into delightful  products and experiences.
Spins thought-provoking stories and creates meaningful experiences from a bullet point list of product benefits. Helping a business find its north star, by using Design Thinking and story-telling to differentiate brands and communication externally and align teams internally.


Creative chaos requires careful planning


Ensures that the Studio is a well-designed, well-oiled creative engine.


A workplace without play is a factory

Our Design Process

Our design process has refined the art of using Design Thinking to solve healthcare problems. It creates an environment where research findings, lateral thinking, strategy and feedback loops can work together efficiently. It also helps us work in tandem with teams from multiple disciplines across Dr. Reddy’s to create solutions that lead to healthier, happier lives.