Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services

Transforming a service into a promise.


Understand the category, customer and best practices in the world of drug development, discovery and manufacturing. Develop a corporate persona that captures the essence of Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services’ (APS) promise to its customers and internal stakeholders.


Outsourcing a critical task may lead to anxiety. This is especially true for pharmaceutical companies that outsource something that can make or break their future. Therefore, when they choose a partner, they look out for one that is reliable and more importantly, one who can execute orders with maximum speed, agility and efficiency.


Positioning - Identified the niche in the marketing landscape that would help clients see Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services (APS) as the partner best equipped to fulfil their unmet needs.

Corporate Voice - Developed a brand persona and a set of voice principles that enabled APS to project a unique personality in a crowded marketplace.

Visual Identity - Translated the positioning and personality into a design language and identity that captured the brand promise.

Inside every service is a brand struggling to make itself heard.

Created through the integration of Dr. Reddy’s Custom Pharma Services and Aurigene’s service business, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd. brings together an experienced pool of talents to service the needs of innovator customers in the areas of medicinal chemistry & biology service as well as Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) services.

But Dr. Reddy’s ambition for APS was not limited to becoming yet another CDMO player in the market. The aspiration is to establish Aurigene as a global leader and trusted partner for end-to-end integrated solutions across discovery,  development and manufacturing.

To achieve this goal APS needed a distinct personality and the articulation of its promise that would highlight its integrated CDMO offering and capture the attention and loyalty of clients around the world.

Our strategy and experience design team conducted in-depth research to understand the category, customers and best practices. We combined the insights we uncovered with our learnings about the category and the company to craft a unique personality, voice, promise and language for APS.


Our team had multiple conversations with internal and external stakeholders, and customers to understand their needs. We supplemented this exercise with secondary research into industry practices and competition, which helped us reveal the particular strengths and weaknesses of APS. These conversations also gave us an insight into what small and large biotech and pharmaceutical companies look for in a CDMO partner.

The strategy team then pinned down the core emotional and functional needs of the clients into statements that would become the building blocks of Aurigene’s positioning in the market.


The strategy team used its learnings from the research, and the insights it uncovered to develop the brand positioning. The goal was to identify a unique space that would capture the true essence of the brand, highlight its difference from the competition, and drive home its relevance to clients’ needs. The next step was to transform this positioning statement into a brand idea and promise. The brand idea ‘Relentless’ captured in one powerful word the core attributes of the promise of APS.

• Agility and adaptability
• Speed and efficiency
• Technological prowess
• Proactive
• Start-up mindset
• Grit

Great design says everything about a brand without saying a word.


The experience design team set out to create a language that would translate the brand personality and voice into design, and accurately represent APS’ drive to work relentlessly and deliver success.

The team condensed the brand idea of relentless innovation and purpose, and arrived at the design idea: Velocity. This route allowed the team to explore bold, lively and inspiring designs that would communicate speed and disruption.


The relentless spirit of the brand is reflected in the new graphic identity. It captures the brand promise by creating a graphic motif that integrates molecules, represented by dots, with speed, represented by lines.

The lines are connected and angled upwards to connote progress, teamwork and dynamism. The identity has no sharp edges, to better echo the brand’s commitment to being empathetic and human-centric.

Colour palette

The identity introduces a bold and energetic colour palette that goes beyond the colours ubiquitous in pharmaceutical companies. The gradient transitioning from the blue of the sky to the bright yellow of the sun signals the brand’s hope for a bright future for the world.

Outside the logo, the dots and lines can be used to create simple abstract graphics, patterns and symbols that allude to the brand’s commitment to speed and agility.

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is now ready to go to market and collaborate with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to create and market innovative drugs that will lead to healthier, happier lives. Because good health can’t wait.
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Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Marketing team