Designing the employee journey to give Dr. Reddy’s an edge over other pharmaceutical companies.

the objective

Attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent, and enabling them to deliver optimum performance.


Employees feel inadequately supported by managers, available training, systems and processes of working

the objective

Tools that enhance ease of working, productivity and well-being of the employees
• AI enabled IT tools
• Gamified learning

There are no
‘Okay Places to Work’ awards.

A company’s success derives from its people and their efforts. To get them to perform at their peak we have to offer them the right environment and reduce the friction they face at work. While Dr. Reddy’s is already considered a positive place to work by many in the pharmaceutical sector, were there things that we could fix to make it even better?

We delved deep into employees’ experience, across departments and levels, to find out what’s working and what’s not. These insights then formed the basis of an ideation session to come up with ways to effect a consistently positive employee experience and ensure they feel supported throughout their journey.

Following in employees’ footsteps.


We conducted several focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with employees across multiple levels and offices to understand their experience at Dr. Reddy’s and their concerns.

The goal was to uncover facets of the employee journey across five touchpoints: application, onboarding, daily work, growth, and exit.


Our research revealed a number of salient insights, with respect to learning, rewards, recognition and opportunities within our company. We were able to appreciate what is important to employees at every stage of their journey at Dr. Reddy’s.

While many insights emerged from employee experience across departments, some were especially relevant to our
Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (PSR).
• Lack of adequate mentorship from managers
• Need for more training for developing communication skills and TMB exams
• Lack of an integrated IT system to make processes and communication simpler

Getting the ball rolling.


We conducted a workshop in which we shared the insights derived from our research, and some case studies to inspire the team. This was followed by multiple rounds of ideation. From easing filing of documentation to setting up models of mentorship, a number of ideas emerged from these sessions.

Potential to
ease work

To what extent can a certain idea smoothen the tasks that a PSR has to perform.

Potential for
emotional connect

To what extent can a certain idea send the message that the Organisation cares (beyond salary and promotion) for its PSRs and contributes to strengthening the relation between the two.

Potential for

To what extent can a certain idea differentiate Dr. Reddy’s as a unique workspace for PSRs.

A number of these employee-first initiatives, shortlisted by the prioritization metrics, are ready to move into the testing phase.
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